Name: Dash Breakneck
Position: Captian, Usually Sitting
Species: Human, under all the hair.
Personality: Reckless, Heroic, Blunt
AI notes: As the registered captian of the Reckless Abandon, Dash has taken many risky moves, even when less-risky alternatives are available. His travels take him all over the known Universe, and even a few places that aren't known very well at all.
Name: Gorthox
Position: First Officer
Species: There's no word in Galactic Standard for it.
Personality: Sarcastic, Hungry
AI notes: For the longest time, he was the only other organism on the Reckless Abandon. He always has a homespun expression from his home planet, but none of them have very good translations in Standard. He has .. strange .. tastes.
Name: Tom
Position: Savior of the Universe
Species: Human
Personality: Apprehensive, Confused
AI notes: Chosen as the Savior of the Universe after the real Savior of the Universe was accidentally killed, Tom joined the crew of the Reckless Abandon since it's his destiny. He is never quite sure if he belongs with Dash and Gorthox, but destiny is destiny.
Name: Ophelia
Position: Stowaway, Princess of Sector XBBA
Species: Human with Purple Hair for Some Reason
Personality: Stuck Up, Stuck Up, Stuck Up
AI notes: Captured by a space pirate vessel, she snuck onto the Reckless Abandon during the confusion when the vessel met the Reckless Abandon. She wants a lift to XBBA but the crew is very specifically not going there because they don't want to give her the satisfaction of obeying any of her demands.
Name: AN-52
Position: Ship's Computer
Species: AI on a stick
Personality: Surly, Intelligent, Condecending
AI notes: The brilliant and amazing co-ordinator of all the ship's systems, AN-52 is basically the only reason the ship (and it's crew) aren't scattered to the solar winds. Truly, where would they be without such a gallant ship AI?
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